THE PROJECTS COME, I’LL SHOW YOU Some are fictional, some are documentaries. Every film is unique, but
one thing stays constant: the ideas and visions of local filmmakers
are the core of every production.

Slide - Mahzouba Maya Faal, The Gambia “In Africa, there are a lot of stories that don’t get told. And many voices that don’t get heard.”
Slide - Matilda Dogbatsey, Ghana “I don’t have a university degree. My WELTFILME certificate is my professional qualification.” Slide - G-Othello Zordyu, Liberia “In Liberia, there’s no major TV station, no local film industry and, above all, no educational opportunities for young people to learn film. I want to inform and train the next generation.” Slide - Luther N. Mafalleh, Liberia “WELTFILME gave me the confidence to do things
in my own way.”
Slide - Luther N. Mafalleh, Liberia “Film and television are such powerful tools for drawing
the public’s attention to
important social issues.”
Slide - Luther N. Mafalleh, Liberia “WELTFILME has opened doors
for me that I didn’t even know existed.”
Slide - Fatou Ndure, The Gambia “The first days of the workshop were such an amazing experience. There was so much to take in, so many things to learn.” Slide - Alex Asare, Ghana “WELTFILME — they’re just really good. They’re wonderful people. And they’ve got to keep doing this.” Slide - Alex Asare, Ghana “Most of the media focuses only on the ugly parts of Africa — on war and disasters. I want people to see the real Africa.” Slide - Matilda Dogbatsey, Ghana “My training with WELTFILME helped me, as a woman, to assert myself in a male-dominated profession.”